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Formed by Zlatko Grozl and John Harris in 2018, Otherworldly Entity brings surreal imagery to genuine and emotionally hard-hitting material. Matt Raymond joined the band in the early days on bass, and with the band signing to Curtain Call Records in 2021, Shawn Washer joined the band on drums in 2022.

The band has become known for both their visual image as well as recognizable sound. The perfect blend of heavy and soft, scream and sing.



Cold, Ra, Smile Empty Soul, Pysclon Nine, Infected Rain

Past Festivals

Metal in the Mountains - August, 2021 - Pipestem, WV

Metalfest - July, 2021 - Syracuse, NY

A Lovely Time - July, 2019 - Turin, NY

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Past Shows

09 April 2022

Fight from Within, Katspo, The Fallen Prodigy, A Greater Danger, My Own Will

The Montage, Rochester, NY

25 November 2021

Ra, Any Given Sin, Level VII, Killakoi

The Montage, Rochester, NY

17 July 2021


Junexa, Less than Hate, Diluted, Fight from Within, Cleansed in Embers, Cactus Cathedral, Agni Kai, Kilter, Buried in Concrete, Level VII

Sharkeys, Syracuse, NY

23 April 2021

Bread and Circuses, When Legions Fall, Patrick Jaouen Band

The Montage, Rochester, NY

21 March 2020

A Day of Hope: Live Acoustic streaming festival

James Mullen, Jay Mullen, Cait Devin, Shane Archer Reed, Connor Campbell, Ophelia's Looking Glass, Rachel Wittman, Stephen Phillips, Ashley Rose, The Jess Novak Band

21 September 2019

95X Locals Only

One Step from Falling, Dome, King Lo

The Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY

02 August 2019

Jordan Kobo and the Riots, The Shuvits, Violent Dinosaurs

Apostrophe'S, Syracuse, NY


05 July 2019

Seattle Sons, Drugstore Radio

House of Love and Mercy, Syracuse, NY

31 October 2018

Memento Mori

Late Earth, Modafferi, Neglected Foot, Phasers Engage

The Palace Theater, Syracuse, NY

12 October 2018

#StrongEnough Festival

Shane Archer Reed, Late Earth

Frightmare Farms, Palermo, NY

22 November 2021

Cold, Waiting for Eternity

Rapids Theater, Niagara Falls, NY

29 August 2021

Metal in the Mountains

Soulfly, Byzantine, Butcher Babies, Attila, 40 Below Summer, King 810, Hed PE, Until the Dead Walk, Farmacy, Ra, Clenchfist, Black Satellite, Steel Mage, 3 Years Hollow, Krash Karma, Defiant, DramaScream, Voodoo Moonshine, Hollywood Nightmare, 5 Star Hooker, Drowned Out, A Fitting Revenge, Nova Omega, Lethal Injektion, Out of Darkness, Fxck the Monster, Aittala, After Silence, EpiZon, CO-OP, Seasons RVA, Haymaker, For the Fallen Dreams, Blackwater Drowning, Dread Engine, Sunflower Dead, Stitched Up Heart, The Lonely Ones, September Mourning, PigWeed, A Killer's Confession, Sons of Texas, Mettal Maffia, Pushbutton Apocalypse, Dying Oath, Losing September, Carnivora, Flaw, The Crowned, Inferior Design, Monster Dolls

Pipestem, WV

25 October 2019

Kanuton, David Rizzuto, Chris Squier Band

Stamps...The Bar, Tonawanda, NY

04 September 2019 

Cold: Broken Human Tour

Cold, University Drive, Awake for Days

Buffalo Iron Works, Buffalo, NY

26 July 2019

A Lovely Time Festival

Late Earth, Groton Ave, Skinwalker, Athlete, Devinity Reign, Segundo Chino, Brian Wagner Trio, All Poets & Heroes, Bad Mama's Blues Band, Mike Powell & the Black River, A Judgmental Swarm of Bees, Modafferi, Badhand, Atkins Riot, Low Pagoda, Sundrop Rise, Ramblin Rabbit, The Old Main, Nadine and the Skcuf, The Drugstore Radio

Turin, NY

24 February 2019


Overlook, Previous Love, Creating a Sinner, Scathed, Among the Wolves, Lost Like Lions, From the Branches of Tide, Beaches of Europa, Dilettante, Amateur Hockey Club, Film House, Cheap Peach, Maxwell Doldan, Insoluble

Buffalo Iron Works, Buffalo, NY

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