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Submit your information if you're interested in being in one of our music videos
We're starting to cast for an upcoming series of music videos which will be shooting this spring/summer in multiple locations across the Syracuse, NY area.
This video is a short film spanning across 5 independent music videos. A consistent narrative will be told across all of the videos. Shooting will occur over two separate weekends based on the schedule of the crew and the actors.
The film will be divided into 5 chapters, all of which will be incredibly emotional in nature. Because this is in "music video" format, there will be little to no spoken lines. The series of videos will be delving into witchcraft, suicide, murder, sex, and some other potentially sensitive topics that could make the actors uncomfortable. There will also be choreography which may require the actor to participate in dance lessons before the video.
We are looking for a female lead aged 21-30 with a petite build
Actor must be comfortable with implied nudity for the purpose of the story
Actor will be compensated based on experience
For serious considerations, a script can be provided before decisions are made
Feel free to ask questions with your submission and we will try our best to asnwer them

Thanks for submitting!

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